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Super slick singer van hechter tells all about unpcoming new single ”Love in Miami”!

Last year, he exploded in the US underground like a champagne cork-with 3 charting singles- 2 of which became #1 in Chicago. His voice is warm-texturized. His lyrics seem like bubble gum at first- but after a few plays one understands the following; underneath a pop surface, lies a relevant, deep social commentary. Van Hechter is indeed a man of layers-first one always glamorous and easy- but the more one digs-the more one finds.

On June 10th he will launch a new song (first of a full EP), entitled ”Love In Miami”, written and produced with hot newcomer Villagomez- a young musical genius who has all it takes to seduce the world of Dance!
We caught up with Van, as he was packing to get back to Montreal (his home base), after a 6-week Florida ”video and photoshoot” stay…

– So you came to Miami to film the video for the song… How did that go?

Well- we shot with someone most people know in Florida: Gio Spano! How could things go wrong? He’s wonderful- and so is his team! I immediately liked the vibe and we got along perfectly from the first second. He is so generous- and fun to work with.

– How did you meet this new hot producer ”Villagomez”?

We met at a party-he was djing. I liked his style. Then I realized he was a great musician… As our friendship evolved, we just fell into this project together, I’d say. I can tell you this; from the first encounter, I felt like one day we could do great things as a team. I’m very instinctive that way. Most of my long-life relationships happen in seconds. I’m not infallible, of course, but my gut is rarely wrong. In this case: I was totally on point!

– What did you feel when you first heard the track?

A huge wave of emotion, just from the draft. It was one of the moments of: ”Ok—- you HAVE to do this! Can’t let this one pass by”. And I couldn’t get the groove out my head for days afterwards.

– How would you describe ”Love In Miami”?

It’s everything I personally love: very Neo-Disco/UK House/Dance-Pop… It’s a party song- but not cheap. It only sounds easy- fact is it’s very layered and sophisticated. People can appreciate it on 2 or 3 levels: dance, humor- then a very sad commentary about fleeting love.

– Is this a new begining for you?

I think every time I come up with something new it feels like a re-birth- yes. Stepping into the unkown, full of hope, a little nervous, mostly grateful to be living my dream- wherever it leads…

While we wait for the new song, here are a few Van links we think you may like to follow…


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Five of Sony’s ‘Spider-Man’ movies are coming to Disney+

Disney+ has announced that six Spider-Man films and the 2018 film “Venom” will be launching on the streaming service in the United States. Tobey Maguire’s trilogy of “Spider-Man,” “Spider-Man 2” and “Spider-Man 3” and Andrew Garfield’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” will arrive on the platform tomorrow, while Tom Holland’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and Tom Hardy’s “Venom” will arrive on May 12.

The launches will be a welcome addition to the platform for Marvel fans, especially since the vast majority of Marvel movies are already on the streaming service.

It’s worth noting that the list is missing a few Spider-Man movies, as “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” “Spider-Man: Far From Home” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home” aren’t included. These films will likely hit the streaming service sometime in the future, considering that Disney+ said in a press release that additional titles from Sony Pictures’ film and television library are expected to premiere on the platform later this year.

Today’s news isn’t surprising, given that Sony and Disney announced a deal back in 2021 to bring Spider-Man and other films to Disney+.


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Teen goes from high school football standout to wanted fugitive for liquor store murder

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office announced on Tuesday that a former Palm Beach Central High School football standout is now a 19-year-old wanted fugitive.

Detectives accused Brandon Mackenzie Frazier of fatally shooting a man at about 6:40 p.m., on March 21, at 777 Liquors, at 3613 S. Military Trail, in the Lake Worth Corridor area.

Frazier doesn’t have a criminal record. Palm Beach County court records show deputies arrested him late last June, but prosecutors later decided to drop the case.

Deputies reported finding the victim dead inside the 777 Liquors store. And about three weeks after the shooting, a judge issued a warrant for Frazier’s arrest on charges of first-degree murder with a firearm and shooting within an occupied dwelling.

Frazier, who is over 6 feet tall, played football as both a cornerback and free safety in high school, according to his Hudl profile. When he was a junior, New Era Prep reported he was the “No. 5 bubble player in Palm Beach County,” which meant he was “on the cusp of having a true breakout moment at some point.”

Frazier’s tweets from 2019 to 2021 show him working hard on the football field, wearing his 22 Broncos shirt, getting invitations to football camps, and visiting the University of Miami. The teen was in Palm Beach Central’s class of 2021.

Nearly two years after he left the school, Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office deputies distributed a flyer with his picture offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to his arrest for the murder.


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Dafoe’s ‘Inside’ asks how art helps us escape isolation

LOS ANGELES – Willem Dafoe has said that, for him, the process of making a movie always eclipses the finished product.

But after more than 130 film credits, the 67-year-old actor has finally found a project whose final form is on par with the experience of creating it.

“When I watch this movie, I say, ‘Okay, I feel like I’m there again,’” he said. “Although there’s lots of stuff that we had invented that gets cut out, it feels like the making of it.”

That assertion is impressive, given how much “Inside,” Vasilis Katsoupis’ fiction directorial debut, asked of its lead and virtually only actor.

“It really required a lot of different states and different approaches, I would say. But it was great fun,” Dafoe recalled.

Set entirely inside a single apartment and with no foils for Dafoe’s character to rely on, “Inside” is completely dependent on his performance, which is so compelling you forget he is the only person on screen for the better part of 100 minutes.

It follows an art thief named Nemo (Dafoe) who gets trapped inside a collector’s apartment during a botched heist. Nemo is pushed to his limits, braving extreme temperatures, flooding and limited access to food and water, all within the confines of a luxury Manhattan apartment.

Despite the physical and psychological toll that Nemo suffers throughout the film, Dafoe said he was able to distance himself from his character’s tribulations.

“You’re going to some maybe dramatic places or some difficult places, but you’re also enjoying the interplay with the other people,” he said. “You’ve got the camera, you’ve got the film language behind you, so you’re playing with these things.”

More than just a psychological thriller, “Inside” considers the ways in which art rescues humans in modern society from an isolated existence — a way out from being trapped inside of ourselves. Through his meditations on William Blake’s “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,” Nemo discerns that liberation can only be attained through creation.

For Dafoe, the philosophical exploration of the human relationship to art was not as apparent in the script, but “really came out in the doing of it,” the actor recalled, reflecting on the ways he found beauty in making art pieces for the film.

“That was so enjoyable. You lose yourself in those things. You don’t necessarily know what they’re for, but they feel so useful and so healthy and so necessary,” he said.

“There are certain things that are purely physical, and you don’t always get to do these scenes with no dialogue,” he said. “Meditative sections that you’re really by yourself and there’s nothing to accomplish.”

And while the specifics of the plot of “Inside,” which wrapped filming in June 2021, may not ostensibly feel universal, almost everyone on this side of the coronavirus pandemic will relate to the film’s scant human interactions, vague conception of time and claustrophobic cinematography.

“Inside” hits theaters March 17.

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